About Us

Dragon Style Kung Fu is a traditional martial arts school located in Austin Texas, training focuses on health, self defense, and self cultivation.

Practicing Kung Fu involves learning the techniques and developing the skills through time and practice, always looking to improve ourselves in every aspect of our lives. Kung Fu is a quality of movement, a skill acquired after a long time of learning and practicing, and the person who has Kung Fu, they have it in everything they do, in times of stress, and in times of calm.

We take a pragmatic approach to our training, practicing techniques that we can apply effectively.

The techniques in the program are learned in a progressive manner starting with basic conditioning, and ending with the Dragon style. The Dragon represents optimal physical conditioning and sharpness of mind. It's the merging of all the different techniques and animal styles into a unique style which has the ability to adapt and flow between them with the utmost grace and harmony.  An untrained person fights with instincts alone. A person with some level of skill will usually rely on a favorite strategy over and over regardless of the situation. An artist or expert will adapt to circumstances, flowing easily and fluidly from one strategy to another. The mind and the intention, internal and external, all harmonized and moving as one.

The style has a very comprehensive curriculum that spans over many disciplines, students are encouraged to learn the full program, but can also focus on just the areas of their interest (wrestling, internal arts, kickboxing, weapons, etc.).

We offer a comfortable and safe environment to people who want to learn Kung Fu and martial arts in general. There are no uniforms, belts, or contracts. We are just here to train together. 

The school was founded in 1999 in Montevideo, Uruguay, by Sifu John A. Almada.